Jorge Fundora Fernandez

Jorge Fundora Fernandez was the former president of Business Students’ Association at the University of Havana. After the culmination of the Castro Revolution, Fundora Fernandez aided in resistance efforts against the government. The most famous of these efforts was the alleged coordination of the Matanzas chapter of the MRR, an anti-Castro group. Due to his implications with the MRR, Fundora Fernandez was referred to as “Patricio” by his co-conspirators.

Prior to his trial on the Matanzas charges, Raul Castro ordered the judge sentence him to death. Fundora Fernandez was executed by firing squad on October 12, 1961. His wife and children were not allowed to see the body and friends were prevented from attending the funeral by the militia. He was in San Carlos Cemetery in Ciudad de Matanzas.

During his trial, Fundora Fernandez declared that he was “an agent of Cuba’s freedom” and that because he wanted to see that freedom he would not repent.

Jorge Fundora Fernandez was honored in the Wall of Martyrs on May 20, 2009 for his bravery in fighting the oppressive Cuban government under Castro. He, just like his peers, is a symbol of all of the men and women who gave their lives for Cuban freedom.

 Jorge Fundora Fernandez - video May 20, 2009 ceremony