Otilio “Cappy” Campuzano, Coach, Colegio de Belen from 1925 to 1961 (d. 1988)
Basketball, Track and Field, and Swimming


Considered by many as one of the greatest athletes ever born in Cuba.
At the age of 15 began playing for el Centro de Dependientes de Commercio de la Habana, Habana Yacht Club, Club Atletico de Cuba, 
and later with la Universidad de la Habana and Miramar Yacht Club.
Named to the Cuban Sports Hall of Fame in 1953 and he is a member of the Univeristy of Havana Sports Hall of Fame.
Competed in Track and Field (Discus, 100-meter dash, 200-meter hurdles, javelin), Crew, Soccer, Swimming and Baseball.
8-time All Star in basketball.
Competed in 24 national and international championships, resulting in 13 first place finishes. 
Competed in 16 national regattas and earned 5 first place finishes. 
Played on the 1923 University of Havana National Championship Team.
As captain of the Cuban Basketball team he played in the 1926 Central American Olympics held in Mexico. 
Also, Coached the 1930 Cuban National Basketball team in the central American Olympics held in Havana.
Coached mainly basketball and track at El Colegio de Belen  from 1926-1961.  
However, during his tenure also coached the majority of the interscholastic teams at the school.
He won at least 11 Under-18 and 10 Under-15 conference championships in basketball.  
Won the 1948 high school national basketball championship.  He also won at least 12 under-18 and 8 under-15 conference championships in track & field, 
where he helped numerous athletes to F.I.A.C. records. 
Travelled with the basketball team to play games in Miami, Key West and Central America.
Professional and Personal:
Born in Coralillo, Las Villas, Cuba in January 23, 1900.
Graduated from the University of Havana in 1927 with a degree in Dental Surgery.
Professor  of Physical Education at Escuela Industrial Jose B. Aleman de Rancho Boyeros.
Received the CATHA Award in 1984-1985 from the Comite de Accion de Trabajadores Hispanoamericanos en Nueva York.