Josť Hernandez-Gelpi, Class of 1933

Lifetime Achievement Award - Excellence in Sports Medicine


Basketball (1928-1933)
Team Captain (1932-1933)
Coach the 2nd Division Team in his final year at "El Colegio de Belen" as a student to a National Championship (1932-1933)

Track & Field (1928-1933)
Professional and Personal:
Graduated from the University of Havana with an M.D. in 1943

Colegio de Belen Basketball and Track & Field Team Physician (1943-1959)
Cuban Olympic Committee Team Physician (1948-1960)
Member of "El Palacio de los Deportes" in Havana, Cuba
Olympic Rowing Judge for over 50 years

President of the Belen Jesuit PTA (1968-1972)
Founding Member of the Miami Rowing Club
Instrumental in the re-establishment of the Belen Crew Team
Past Recipient of the Belen Alumni Association's "Alumni of the Year" Award

Elected to the Cuban Sports Hall of Fame in 2004
Lives in Miami with his wife, Angela