Roberto Suarez, Class of 1946

Basketball, Baseball, Track and Field


Played Basketball (menores de 15 y menores de 18) throughout his career at el Colegio de Belen.
Captain of both menores de 15 and menores de 18.
Leading scorer as a forward.
Competed in Track and Field in the 440 and all relays
First recipient of the Cappy Campuzano Award given to the top Student Athlete.
Antiguo Alumno del Aņo given in Miami, FL
Nicknamed "Pitirre" by his teammates.
Following his athletic career at Belen he played American Football at Villanova College and at the University of Havana.
Professional and Personal:
President of the Miami Herald from 1988 to 1995
Publisher and Creator of El Nuevo Herald in 1987
President of the Charlotte Observer in Charlotte, NC from 1979 to 1986.
Recipient of numerous awards for civic and community service including the United Way and the Charlotte Arts and Sciences Council.
1993 AIHE Business Man of the Year
Lives with his wife Pitucha Campuzano in Miami.